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Noy is a Filipino independent film released in 2010. It stars Coco Martin and Erich Gonzales and was released under Star Cinema. The film was directed by award-winning film director Dondon Santos. The film is rated "A" by the Cinema Evaluation Board. It was selected as the Filipino entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards. However, the film didn't make the final shortlist.


Forced to find a job as his family's breadwinner, Noy (Coco Martin) poses as a journalist commissioned to come up with a documentary following the campaign trail of his namesake and top presidential bet, Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino for the 2010 Philippine National elections.
The film, infused with actual documentary footage inter-cut with dramatic scenes, deals with themes of poverty, survival and hope for the Filipino family.


Coco Martin as Manolo Noy Agapito
Erich Gonzales as Divine
Joem Bascon as Bong
Cheska Billiones as Tata
Cherry Pie Picache as Letty
Vice Ganda as Jane
Baron Geisler as Caloy

Special participation

Ketchup Eusebio
Tess Antonio
Pen Medina
Jhong Hilario
Janus Del Prado
Ping Medina
Neil Ryan Sese
Kristofer King
Karen Davila


It may contains profane words due to violent and non-sense reactions.
Some scenes were shot in Malabon City and Obando, Bulacan.


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