Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Star was born

Kent Andrew Tagarda (born March 31, 1976) is a Filipino stand-up comedian and television host. He is best known as the main judge on ABS-CBN’s talent show It's Showtime and for starring in two films, one of which is considered the highest-grossing film in Philippine cinema. He has gained popularity for his comic routines, for which he uses observational comedy on typical “Pinoy” lifestyle and his use of situational irony and sarcasm when reacting to Filipino culture & behavior and human sexuality. He is the first openly gay endorser for a major product in the Philippines, which is Globe Telecom in the Philippines.

Early Life

Vice,Jose Marie Viceral the youngest of five children, grew up in the neighborhood of José Abád Santos Street in Manuguit, Tondo, Manila. His father, a barangay captain, was murdered when he was young prompting his mother to work as a caregiver abroad leaving them by themselves. He obtained his college education at Far Eastern University studying Political Science. Around the age of 19, Vice was writing and performing his stand-up comic routines in comedy bars in Ermita, Manila.


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